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"Wellness Witchery is an essential compendium of medicinal recipes, and an invaluable guide for those seeking to harness the power of plant healing and infuse their lives with magic."―Lisanna Wallance, herbalist, chef, author of The Natural Witch's Cookbook


"This book is a joy to read, with potions, teas, baths, and tonics to soothe, invigorate, and heal you inside and out. By learning to work with plant allies and using formulas and specific exercises to improve specific mood disorders, you can discover how to reach your highest potential and gain clarity for living your best life. Well researched, this book has a cornucopia of potions that can be used in a variety of ways, each one a tonic for individual trouble. Laurel uses practical advice, step-by-step exercises, and guided meditations to help her readers manifest their goals and create a life of joy, abundance, and peace."―Dean Jones, host of the Calling the Quarters podcast



 "Wellness Witchery is the healing balm needed in a world that can sometimes feel uncertain. Brew a cup of tea and lose yourself in the pages of Woodward's book as you learn to nurture your soul through self-care rituals, meditative practices, spells, exercises, and recipes to induce calm and restoration. The author's wisdom is evident throughout every page, so keep a pen handy and don't be afraid to dogear the pages as Wellness Witchery is the go-to to nourish the spirit."―Monica Crosson, author of Wild Magical Soul


Wellness Witchery

On sale Oct 08, 2123

Learn how to meditate, eat, and craft your way to a higher quality of life with this book on integrating a magickal mindset into daily life. Laurel Woodward shares more than seventy herbal formulas and nearly sixty exercises, spells, and recipes that help you feel and live better through the magick of nature.


"In Wellness Witchery, you will find a plethora of knowledge, recipes, and insight to seamlessly integrate wellness magic into your practice. Once again, expert Laurel Woodward has crafted an amazing resource jam-packed with accessible how-tos and well-researched recipes for wellness, to uplift your energy in any occasion. Wherever you are on your herbal and magical journey, Wellness Witchery is an instant must-have for your magical library!"―Julia Halina Hadas, author of WitchCraft Cocktails and The Modern Witchcraft Book of Astrology



I was delighted to delve into Laurel Woodward’s “Backyard Garden Witchery”, as someone who is looking to improve my gardening, loves to cook and nerd out on botany - this book is a lovely collection of recipes, spells and folklore that will keep you reading and re-reading throughout your life! A perfect book for any Kitchen Witch, Green Witch, Gardener, or foodie! -“The Well-Seasoned Librarian” Dean Jones (Podcaster/Food Writer)


Backyard Garden Witchery is a delightful journey through an enchanted garden. Half love letter to the natural world, half tutorial for the novice or intermediate gardener, this book is an excellent resource for the budding green witch. Backyard Garden Witchery is chock full of information and ideas to inspire your own magickal garden. It features exercises and meditations for connecting to the spirits of the land, fauna, flora, and fungi around you. If you are longing to get your hands into the soil, this book is an excellent support for your journey into magickal gardening. -Irene Glasse, author of Blackfeather Mystery School: The Magpie Training



 Laurel Woodward has done it again! Another beautiful book weaving daily tasks into pure magic. If you loved her book, "Kitchen Witchery", I promise, you will love “Backyard Garden Witchery" just as much. -Raina Starr,Host/Producer of Desperate House Witches


Backyard Garden Witchery

On sale July 08, 2122

Create an enchanting garden for mindfulness and magick right in your own backyard. No matter what your skill level is, you'll find practical advice for building and maintaining a biodiverse space, as well as spiritual guidance for keeping it sacred and safe. Backyard Garden Witchery covers not only the ins and outs of dirt types, zones, and sun exposure, but also the energy of plants, regions, and land spirits. This beginner-friendly book makes it easy to develop your own living, breathing sanctuary for herbalism, meditation, spell work, divination, healing, or worship. Laurel Woodward's thoughtful instruction and enthusiasm for the outdoors can help you design a natural haven that feeds your sense of wonder and enhances your connection to the earth.

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Kitchen Witchery

Unlocking the Magick in Everyday Ingredients

Laurel Woodward

 Llewellyn, $24.99 (336p) ISBN 978-0-7387-6784-0

Witch and tarot reader Woodward debuts with an accessible cookbook that blends healthy, sustainable eating with the magic found in the natural world. Aiming to create a “nature-centric practice” that “transforms chore into ritual,” Woodward turns to the magical aspects of plants to help readers infuse intention into everyday activities like gardening, shopping, preparing meals, and eating. For instance, black-eyed peas aregood for fortune and prosperity, banana bread attracts love and abundance, fruit salads enhance health and beauty, and garlic can protect against evil. Woodard also charts the different moon phases and suggests corresponding days of the week that are considered optimal for certain recipes. Many delightful recipes and thumbnail histories of ingredients’ spiritual usages (such as of the seven sacred grains of Europe) make this stand out from similar fare. Woodward’s eclectic guide will appeal to witches, home cooks, and those interested in building a deeper relationship with food. 

(Aug.) Publishers Weekly

Kitchen Witchery

On sale August 09, 2121

Elevate the way you cook with Kitchen Witchery, a magickal guide with a wide variety of correspondences, techniques, and recipes for every ingredient in your kitchen.  Laurel explains how to transform the mundane chore of preparing a meal into a magickal act of healing, manifesting, or creation. You'll enjoy recipes for the seasons, special oil and seasoning blends, and other clever ways to make any ingredient into a magical tool. 

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What People are Saying

"Kitchen Witchery is a fabulous mix of practical knowledge and magical application which invites you to step into your kitchen with mindfulness and purpose. Sometimes a wooden spoon can be as powerful as a wand!"

―Deborah Blake, author of The Little Book of Cat Magic.

"Far more than a recipe book, (though it is packed full of wonderful recipes), Kitchen Witchery encourages magical mindfulness of the nutrition we put into our bodies. In a world where instant gratification and fast food are the norm, Laurel Woodward provides a resource that helps us to consider the source, energy, and impact of what we consume, including magical correspondences for ingredients. Food is fundamental to our existence and with the knowledge provided in Kitchen Witchery at our disposal we can build a strong and healthy foundation for life by cooking with intent, wisdom, and power."

―Emily Carding, author of Faery Craft and So Potent Art: The Magic of Shakespeare.

"What an inspiring and informative read, offering us an opportunity to revive a nature-based and natural perspective to what has become another chore for living: cooking. This work is a beautiful weaving of physical, mindful, and spiritual knowledge and teachings that we may use to enrich our own lives, the lives of those we care for, and the natural world."

―Daphne Seruntine, herbalist specializing in primitive food storage, preparation and usage.

"It is the little things that give life its finest texture. The gloss of ripe fruit. The reassurance of a basketful of wholesome vegetables. The fragrance of a mushroom. The warm love that goes into a wholesome meal. Laurel has here delved into the subtle enchantment of those things we all encounter daily; the food we eat, leading us to see food not just as energy, but a path."

―Cliff Seruntine, permaculturist, shaman, and author of The Wildwood Way and Seasons of the Sacred Earth

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Laurel Woodward is a writer, gardener, and cook living a magickal life in the Pacific Northwest. She has written for magazines and ezines on the subjects of healthy living, organic gardening, sustainable living, and the magick of tapping creative energy.

Visit her blog at Liminal